Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Music - The Center Healer

Music - The Center Healer

Music, the name itself is musical technology. As if the 'seven notes' circulation in only one term. Music is the same wherever you go - The seven notices signify its lifestyle and the songs are available from it. Music has pleased the performers and viewers from time unidentified. The Raags are regarded to be a fundamental element of Music. Nothing is finish without them. The same music is given different titles - as in the southern it is known as the Carnatic Shastriya Sangeet and to the northern it is known as as Hindustani Shastriya Sangeet or the Native indian Traditional Music. In any musical technology design, the sentence structure and the way each notices are noticeable are taken proper proper.

There are generally 12 Swaras (Notes). They are arranged in saptak (octave) out of which seven are Shuddhas (pure) and the relax five are known as Vikrit (sharp/flat).

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